Self Directed IRA Services

What we do for investors is educate them about Self Directed IRA's (SD-IRA's) and walk them through the whole process.  This is done through one of our SD-IRA Specialists and is ideal for people that are interested in using their retirement money to invest in the world of alternative investments.

Interested in letting us help you create your SD-IRA and finally have some direct control over your investments?  


Here are the steps:

Schedule a Free Consultation

Send us an email at or give us a call at
(443) 718-9377 to schedule a free consultation to see if a Self Directed IRA is the right option for you.


Not only do we offer free consults, but the actual service is very affordable and all fees can be paid directly FROM YOUR IRA. For details please check out our Fee Schedule

Personal Educational Session

Sit down in person (DC/Maryland/Virginia) or via video conference with one of our SD-IRA specialists and we will go over the details of self-directing your IRA.  This is a comprehensive and personalized session specifically for you and it will cover these topics.

Create Your SD-IRA

We will help you navigate the logistics of the transfer which will include selecting the best custodian for you, filling out the necessary forms, and being there to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  Essentially, we will help you do everything you need and our job will not be done until you have opened your SD-IRA..


Now you are ready to invest YOUR retirement money in the vast world of alternative investments.  While we cannot tell you want to invest in, we can offer examples of how other clients of ours have invested their money.

What Are Self-Directed IRA's?

Technically speaking, a Self-Directed IRA is not any different than any other IRA (or 401k), however what makes a self-directed IRA unique is the available investment options.

Most IRA custodians (i.e. TDAmeritrade, Fidelity, Merrill Lynch, etc) only allow investors to invest in approved stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and CDs.  While convenient, there are so many more investments that investors can invest in with their IRAs than just stocks and bonds.  Things like real estate, private LLC's, franchises, royalties, privately custodied precious metals, and many more things are all LEGALLY allowed investments for IRA's or 401k's.

A self-directed IRA allows investors in any or all of these things.

What are the Advantages of a Self-Directed IRA?

It is all about Control.  The biggest advantage for an investor that decides to create and manage a Self-Directed IRA is that you control your own retirement investments to a degree that simply is not available with any Wall Street-type investment.

Why is control so important? It is important because it allows you to invest in what you know and be completely in charge of your investment.  It is a competitive advantage that a small investor simply cannot have when investing on Wall Street.

If you are a computer engineer, then buy royalties on a the latest software or mobile application.  If you are good at project management, use your 401k to purchase land and develop it.  If you're a salesman, open up a local business with your IRA.  If you're concerned about the world economy, then use your retirement funds to purchase physical gold and store it in a local safety deposit box where you have access.

Thus the control gives you the opportunity to invest in what you know.